Please read and understand first our Privacy Statement before you click the online registration button.


  1. Prepare a scanned copy or picture of your DTI Registration ( Apply for DTI Online Registration) and Financial Statement (Income Statement) to be uploaded during the online registration.
  2. Online registration requires your email and for tracking the status your business permit.
  3. Click the button below to start online application of your business permit.


  1. You can pay online via Land Bank of the Philippines Link.BizPortal Payment Channel
  2. You have the option to pay over-the-counter at the BPLO Counter #6 even though your application is online.
  3. You can also send check payment via courier services or registered mail pay to the order of City Government of Ilagan. Payment shall be made on or before January 20 to avoid surcharge and interest.
  4. You have option to pay Annually, Semi-Annually or Quarterly, below are the schedules of business tax payment.

Annual payment

Full Annual PaymentOn or before January 20

Semi-annual payment

1st Semi-Annual paymentOn or before January 20
2nd Semi-Annual paymentOn or before July 20

Quarterly payment

1st Quarterly paymentOn or before January 20
2nd Quarterly paymentOn or before April 20
3rd Quarterly paymentOn or before July 20
4th Quarterly paymentOn or before October 20

Claim your business permit:

  1. Business Permit can be claimed at BPLO Counter #7 which include the business registration plate.
  2. COD delivery via courier services can also be used to deliver the business permit.

STEP : You have only one step in an online application for business permit in the City of Ilagan, and that is APPLY/CLAIM.

For further inquiries please message us via our BPLO facebook page or call us at (078) 323- 1324.