Congress Representation
Ilagan, as a component city and provincial capital, belongs to the first legislative district of the province of Isabela. Currently, the city is represented by Antonio T. Albano in the house of representatives.

City Government
The city is governed by a city mayor designated as its local chief executive and by a city council as its legislative body in accordance with the Local Government Code. The mayor, vice mayor, and the councilors are elected directly by the people through an election which is being held every three years. As a component city and the capital of the Province of Isabela, government officials in the provincial level are voted by the electorates of the city. The provincial government have political jurisdiction over local transactions of the city government.

City Government Organizational Structure


Chief Executive Mayor Josemarie L. Diaz (4th from right, front row)
Presiding Officer Vice Mayor Kiryll S. Bello (5th from right, front row)

City Councils

Jay Eveson C. Diaz (6th from right, front row)
 Jessamyn Uy Ligan
 Rachelle Villanueva Garcia (1st from right, front row)
 Harold P. Olalia (5th from right, back row)
 Antonio R. Montereal, Jr. (6th from right, back row)
 Lilian Q. Bringas (2nd from right, front row)
 Joey L. Ramos (4th from right, back row)
 Rolando L. Tugade (8th from right, back row)
 Rommel B. Ballesteros (3rd from right, back row)
 Daniel Joseph A. Mata (7th from right, back row)
Women SectorEvelyn C. Diaz (3rd from right, front row)
Indigenous SectorPerlita G. Gaoiran (7th from right, front row)
Labor Group SectorAntonio T. Manaligod, Jr. (2nd from right, back row)
LNB PresidentGaylord M. Malunay (1st from right, back row)
SK Federation PresidentNicole L. Balingao (8th from right, front row)