Gabay ng Mamamayan sa Pagkuha ng Serbisyo Sibil mula sa Lungsod ng Ilagan (2023 version)

A detailed guide on how to get specific frontline services from key offices of the city government of Ilagan.

Type a keyword in the search box to easily find what services you need or what office you are looking for. Example “marriage” or “mayor”. After searching, just click the name of office to know how to avail this specific  services.

LocationDepartment/ Office/ DivisionKeywords for Searching Services Offered
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Agriculturist Office1. Provision of Technical Assistance on Crop Production Technology Updates on Rice & Corn

2. Integrated Pest Management

3. Soil Sampling and Analysis

4. Pest & Diseases Outbreak Control

5. Animal Health Services & Animal Vaccination Program

6. Diagnosis and Treatment of Sick Animals

7. Deworming of Large & Small Ruminants

8. Issuance of Animal Health Inspection Certificate

9. Production Inputs Vegetable & Fruit Trees Seedlings Dispersal Program

10. Tilapia Fingerlings Dispersal Program

11. Issuance of Certification on Production Loan

12. Issuance of Transport Certification of Fishery Production
Basement, Youth Center Bldg, Brgy. San Vicente ALAB - Ang LAkas ng Batang IlagueñoSports

Archery Football

Athletics Lawn Tennis

Badminton Pencak Silat

Basketball Swimming

Billiart Table Tennis

Boxing Taekwondo

Chess Volleyball

GF Legislative Bldg., Cityhall ComplexCity Business Permit & Licensing Office (CBPLO)1. Issuance of Business Permit (New Business/ Renewal of Business/ Special Lane

2. Issuance of Business Retirement Certificate

3. Tricycle Permit/ Franchise Registration

4. Mayor’s Clearance/ Working Permit Availment

5. iBPLS
CHO1 Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Health Office 1 (CHO1)1. Patient Consultation

2. Availment of laboratory service

3. Well Baby Services

4. Integrated Management on Childhood Illness

5. Immunization Service for Senior Citizen

6. Nutrition Services

7. Maternal Care

8. Information & Services on Family Planning

9. Women’s Health Services

10. Screening, Diagnosis & Availment of TB Drugs

11. National Leprosy Control Program Screening, Diagnosis & availment of Leprosy Drugs

12. Healthy Lifestyle Diseases

13. Availment of Dental Servises

14. Securing Medical/ Dental Certificate

15. Securing Sanitary Permit

16. Securing Permit/ Certificate for Exhumation & Transfer of Bone Cadaver

17. Securing Death Certificate

18. Availment of Chlorine Granules

19. Birthing Center

20. Animal Bite Treatment Center

21. Ilagan Blood Station

22. Information & services on Adolescent Health & Development Program

23. Availment of Medico-Legal
CHO2 Bldg., Bgry. Marana 1stCity Health Office 2 (CHO 2)1. Out Patient Consultation

2. Well Baby

3. Integrated Mngt. Of Childhood Illness

4. Maternal Health Care

5. Assist Normal Spontaneous Delivery

6. Information & Service on Family Planning

7. Women’s Health Services

8. Availment of Anti-TB Drugs

9. Non-Cummunicable Disease

10. Availment of Dental Services

11. Laboratory Services

12. Expanded Newborn Screening Program

13. Availment of Anti-Leprosy Drug

14. Securing Medical/Dental Certificate

15. Availment of Medico-Legal (for victim of sexual abuse & major accident)

16. Issuance of Sanitary Permit

17. Transfer of Cadaver
CIMC, Brgy. LullutanCity of Ilagan Medical Center (CIMC)Patient Consultation, laboratory service, Well Baby, Childhood Illness, Immunization, Nutrition, Maternal Care, Family Planning, Health, Screening, Diagnosis & Availment of TB Drugs, Leprosy , Lifestyle Diseases, Medical/ Dental, Sanitary Permit, Exhumation & Transfer of Bone Cadaver, Death Certificate, Chlorine Granules, Birthing Center, Animal Bite Treatment, Blood Station, Adolescent Health & Development Program, Medico-Legal
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Civil Registrar’s Office (CCRO)1. Local Verification

2. Registration of birth, marriage & death certificate

3. Application for out-of-town & delayed registration of birth, marriage & death

4. Application for marriage/ license

5. Change of First name

6. Correction of Clerical Error

7. Batch Request Query System (BREQS)
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Engineer's Office/ Office of the Building Official (CEO)1. Issuance of Building Permit

2. Preparation of Program Works

3. Securing inspection report

4. iBPLS
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Environmental & Natural Resources Office (CENRO)1. Clearance for Environmental Environment

2. Request of seedlings for tree planting activity

3. Requesting for information, education & enforcement campaign (IEEC) on ecological solid waste

management & forest conservation.
2F Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteLocal Economic Development & Investment Promotion Office (LEDIPO)
IMAC Bldg., Brgy. Calamagui 2ndIMACMedical Assistance

Handog Pagmamahal (Burial Assistance)
PDAO Bldg., Cityhall ComplexPerson with Disability Affairs Office (PDAO)1. According care & commitment to ensure self-development & self-reliance of PWD (ACCESS)


2. Provision of PWD ID which includes registration of National Council for Disability Affairs & provision

or purchase of medicine & grocery outlet

3. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Services

4. Community-based Rehabilitation (CBR0 Program under according care & commitment to ensure selfdevelopment & self-reliance of PWD (ACCESS) Program
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Population Office (CPO)Pre-marriage counseling seminar
Youth Center, Brgy. San VicenteCity Labor & Employment Office / PESO1. Provision of labor market information

2. Referral & placement recommendation

3. Issuance of certificate of local recruitment activity

4. Issuance of certificate of no objection to recommend agencies (overseas)

5. Special programs/ Job fairs

6. SPES-Special program for the employment or students

7. Career guidance/ employment coaching

8. OFW Help Desk
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Assessor's Office1. Issuance of Tax Declaration of Real Property under new owner (Transfer of ownership)

2. Issuance of Updated Tax Declaration based on the result of segregation/ consolidation/

Reclassification of real properties

3. Issuance of Tax Declaration on newly discovered real property- Land (untitled property)

4. Issuance of Tax Declaration on newly discovered real property Land (Titled Property)

5. Issuance of Tax Declaration on newly discovered real property building & machinery

6. Issuance of Tax Declaration with annotations of notice of levy, mortgages, encumbrances, etc.

7. Issuance of certified true copy/ies of tax declaration, certifications, cancelled series of TDs &

raceback of TDs.
CDRRM Building, Cityhall ComplexCity Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) Rescue 11241. Emergency Medical Services

2. Search & Rescue Service

3. Ambulance Transport Service

4. Disaster Preparedness & Capacity Building Services

5. Disaster Response
Ilagan Community CenterCity Public Order & Safety Management Office (POSMO)
SAH, Brgy. Centro San AntonioSan Antonio City of Ilagan Hospital 1. Philhealth Department

2. Dental Department

3. Dietary Department

4. Pharmacy Department

5. Laboratory Department

6. Nursing Department

7. Social Service Department

8. Medical Records Department

9. Radiology Department

10. Billing and Cashier Department

11. Cashier Department
2nd Floor Grandstand, Ilagan Sports ComplexSIning NA Gagabay sa Kabataang Ilagueño (SINAG) Office1. Dance - Zumbata Hiphop

2. Music - Voice Guitar Keyboard Drums Piano Rondalla

3. Visual Arts - Acrylic Painting Charcoal Drawing Colored Pencil Sketching
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Social Welfare & Development Office (CSWDO)1. Provision of Assistance to Individuals in Crisis Situation

2. Provision of Emergency Shelter

3. Adoption (Preparation of Child Study)

4. Intervention Program for Children in conflict with the law

5. Intervention Program for Children at Risk

6. Intervention Program for Women in Especially Difficult Circumstances

7. Intervention Program for Children in need for special protection

8. Referrals

9. Provision of Solo Parents ID card

10. Provision of PWD ID Card/ Purchase Booklet

11. Community-based Psychological Rehabilitation Program
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteSpecial Project OfficeScholarship




2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Tourism Office1. Inquiry/ request information

2. Tour services

3. Accreditation assistance

4. Library services

5. Museum Tour
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Treasurer's Office (CTO)1. Collection of Real Property Taxes

2. Collection of Business Taxes

3. Issuance of Community Tax Certificate (CEDULA)

4. Payment of Marriage Fees

5. Payment of Legal Instruments

6. Payment of Court Order’s Fee

7. Payment of Permit for Cadaver Disposition

8. Payment of Certification of Birth, Marriage & Death

9. Payment of Certified Copies of Any Documents in the Civil Registrar

10. Payment of Miscellaneous fee/Delayed Registration B/D/M

11. Payment of service/ filing fee (RA 9048)

12. Payment of Service Fee (BREQS)

13. Payment of Filing Fee (RA10172)

14. Payment of fees from Assessor’s Office

15. Payment of Traffic Violation/ Oplan Visa

16. Branding Collection of Large Cattle Registration

17. Issuance of Tax Clearance Certificate
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Veterinary Office
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Accountant's Office1. Issuance of accountant’s advice

2. Process disbursement vouchers/ payroll

3. Securing requirements for loan purposes & other claims

4. Securing certificate of withholding taxes

5. Barangay Transactions
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San Vicente City Administrator's Office1. Securing Blood

2. Claiming of Confiscated Driver’s License
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteAMA Office
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Architect's Office1. Preparation of Architectural Design

2. Project Supervision

3. Permits
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteBarangay Affairs Office
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Budget Officer (CBO)1. Processing of Obligation Request (OBR)

2. Barangay Budget Review
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Cooperative Office (CCO)1. Securing of Endorsement for registration to Cooperative Development Authority

2. Conduct of Pre-Membership (PMES) for Cooperative about to organize

3. Registration for Cooperative Business Permit

4. Securing of Endorsement for the issuance of Certificate of Tax Exemption from Bureau of Internal

Revenue (BIR)
Ilagan Public Market, Brgy. BaligatanEconomic Enterprises Office
GSO Bldg., Cityhall ComplexCity General Services Office (CGSO)1. Small Value Procurement

2. Issuance of Request & Return of Equipment & Facilities

3. IT repair request

4. Request for property clearance

5. Request for transfer of property accountability

6. Request for property return of unserviceable
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Human Resources & Management Office (CHRMO)1. Evaluation of Documents for job applicants in the Local Government Unit, City of Ilagan

2. Processing of appointments

3. Leave Application Form

4. Service Record, Certifications Travel Order
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Information & Communications Technology Office (CICTO)1. Software Development

2. Hardware Servicing

3. Networking

4. Cyber Security

5. Data Privacy
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Legal Office (CLO)1. Legal counseling/ advice

2. Mediation/ consultation/ confrontation

3. Issuance of various legal documents

4. Rendering legal opinion
2nd Floor Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Mayor's Office (CMO)1. Provision of Medicine

2. Provision of Endorsement Reccomendation/Certification

3. Provision of Medical/Hospital and Livelihood Assistance

4. Provision of Burial Services and Lending of Ambulance and

other LGU Vehicles

5. Provision of Scholarship Assistance

6. Provision of Financial and Material Assistance to Barangay

LGU and CSoiOs
GF Grandstand, Ilagan Sports ComplexOffice of the Senior Citizens Affair (OSCA)1. To plan, implement and monitor yearly work programs in pursuance of the objectives of this Act.

2. To draw up a list of available and required services which can be provided by the senior citizens.

3. To maintain and regularly update on a quarterly basis the list of senior citizens and issue national individual identification cards, free of charges, which shall be valid anywhere in the country.

4. To serve as general information and liaison center for senior citizens.

5. To monitor compliance of the provisions of this Act particularly the grant of special discounts and privileges to senior citizens.

6. To report to the mayor, any individual, establishments, business entity, institutions or agency found violating any provision of this Act.

7. To assist the senior citizens in filing complaints or charges against any individual, establishments, business entity, institution, or agency refusing to comply with the privileges under this Act before the Department Of Justice (DOJ), the Provincial Prosecutor's Office, the regional or the municipal trial court, the municipal trail court in cities, or the municipal circuit trial court.
GF Cityhall Bldg., Brgy. San VicenteCity Planning & Development Office (CPDO)1. Locational Clearance/ Zoning Permit

2. Preliminary approval & Locational Clearance/ Development Permit/ Alteration of Plan

3. Availment of Technical Date/ information
2nd Floor Legislative Bldg., Cityhall ComplexSangguniang Panlungsod Office (SPO)1. Legislative documents i.e. Ordinances, resolution, minutes, committee reports & others

2. Issuance of tricycle franchise

3. Request for enactment of legislation

4. Approval of the barangay budget

5. Approval of annual budget