• To plan, implement and monitor yearly work programs in pursuance of the objectives of this Act.
    • To draw up a list of available and required services which can be provided by the senior citizens.
    • To maintain and regularly update on a quarterly basis the list of senior citizens and issue national individual identification cards, free of charges, which shall be valid anywhere in the country.
    • To serve as general information and liaison center for senior citizens.
    • To monitor compliance of the provisions of this Act particularly the grant of special discounts and privileges to senior citizens.
    • To report to the mayor, any individual, establishments, business entity, institutions or agency found violating any provision of this Act.
    • To assist the senior citizens in filing complaints or charges against any individual, establishments, business entity, institution, or agency refusing to comply with the privileges under this Act before the Department Of Justice (DOJ), the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, the regional or the municipal trial court, the municipal trail court in cities, or the municipal circuit trial court.


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Vision: Empowerment of the old ones, to realize their potentials as senior citizens, the beloved parents of everyone, responsible, self-reliant and contributing members of the society.

Mission: The office shall promote good relationships with the "ONCE THEY WERE YOUNG". Ensure public safety, good services for their benefits. active participation with the local government unit and professional group of leader and civil servants, through a systematic, efficient and effective office for the Senior Citizen's Affairs towards sustainable programs OBJECTIVE To nurture the "Young Once" self-esteem, self-confidence, as progressive elderly, boost their moral, uphold and upgrade their benefits sustained by the government.