Mayor's Message

Our development blueprint embodies synchronized development as we actively involve all the 91 barangays in our development agenda by providing them with uniform barangay halls, covered courts, daycare and health centers, to sustain the delivery of administrative, health, and socio-cultural services to our constituents.

-Mayor Josemarie L. Diaz, DMD, MBA Tweet

 VISION: A united and responsive LIGA NGA MGA BARANGAY reflecting the aspirations of barangay government across the nation in the pursuit of just, humane, and democratic society.  The liga ng mga Barangay seeks to be a major catalyst of responsible and effective governance at the grass roots characterized by empowered leaders and citizenry, urban and rural development and economic growth.

MISSION: To provide the environment that will forge unity among the barangay and enable them to become truly empowering institutions promoting the welfare of their constituents through the effective and monthly enlightened governance.  The liga ng mga Barangay strives to build communities capable of self-governance and management through an unifying process that enables and fosters relationship, sharing, openness and responsible participation.

Purpose of Organization. - There shall be an organization of all
Barangays to be known as the liga ng mga Barangay for the primary
purpose of determining the representation of the Liga in the sanggunians,
and for ventilating, articulating and crystallizing issues affecting Barangay
government administration and securing, through proper and legal means,
solutions thereto.

Powers, Functions and Duties of the Liga. - The Liga shall:

(a) Give priority to programs designed for the total development of the
Barangays and in consonance with the policies, programs and
projects of the national government ;

(b) Assist in the education of Barangay residents for people's
participation in local government administration in order to promote
united and concerted action to achieve country-wide development

(c) Supplement the efforts of government in creating gainful
employment within the Barangay;

(d) Adopt measures to promote the welfare of Barangay officials;

(e) Serve as a forum of the Barangays in order to forge linkages with
government and non-governmental organizations and thereby
promote the social, economic and political well-being of the
Barangays; and

(f) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and
functions which will bring about stronger ties between Barangays
and promote the welfare of the Barangay inhabitants.


Land Area
Punong Barangay
(Term 2022–2025)
Contact No.Cluster
Aggasian4,032Rural264Wilson Taguinod09169825187San Antonio
Alibagu7,916Urban7,214Teresita V. Mananday09168385315Metro Poblacion
Alinguigan 1st1,909Rural459Joel C. Asis09351778236Eastern
Alinguigan 2nd3,074Rural7,015Heherson L. Rivero09064918586Eastern
Alinguigan 3rd1,352Rural1,765Nestor C. Manaligod09357666116Eastern
Arusip901Rural209Saturnino A. Domingo09360992967Western
Baculud4,266Urban3,214Flordeliza M. Balisi09366243716Metro Poblacion
Bagong Silang676Rural258Eduardo T. Rivera09358448734Western
Bagumbayan2,321Urban4,317Danilo M. Toribio09561508075Metro Poblacion
Baligatan2,714Urban6,815Roger B. Ramos09262892599Metro Poblacion
Ballacong824Rural135Ailyn S. Bernardo09972931897Eastern
Bangag1,307Rural112Patrocinio F. Laggui09168928369Eastern
Batong-Labang2,348Rural135George G. Mariano09676270598Eastern
Bigao1,697Rural225Ruben A. Caliboso09278879904Western
Cabannungan 1st956Rural715Oscar S. Salvador09067071533Western
Cabannungan 2nd1,852Rural715Rogelio V. Maur09553975479Western
Cabeseria 2 (Dappat)1,198Rural135Aurea M. Pagulayan09174650659San Antonio
Cabeseria 3 (San Fernando)946Rural135Gaylor M. Malunay09279335889San Antonio
Cabeseria 4 (San Manuel)697Rural135Marivic C. Mata09955629931San Antonio
Cabeseria 5 (Baribad)882Rural135Juanito T. Baingan09555068658San Antonio
Cabeseria 6 & 24 (Villa Marcos)1,181Rural135Jean T. Dando09956549466San Antonio
Cabeseria 7 (Nangalisan)863Rural215Eligio B. Salvador09368706978San Antonio
Cabeseria 8 (Santa Maria)1,208Rural135Felix P. Maltu09178334876San Antonio
Cabeseria 9 & 11 (Capogotan)1,695Rural235Judy S. Balido09972363044San Antonio
Cabeseria 10 (Lupigui)2,319Rural235Esteban D. Villanueva09530563888San Antonio
Cabeseria 14 & 16 (Casilagan)2,600Rural182Jackson Bueno09750561557San Antonio
Cabeseria 17 & 21 (San Rafael)1,401Rural235Evangeline M. Alvarez09058787849San Antonio
Cabeseria 19 (Villa Suerte)906Rural135Edwin M. Malunay09266470641San Antonio
Cabeseria 22 (Sablang)1,019Rural225Rogelio V. Bueno09357694901San Antonio
Cabeseria 23 (San Francisco)956Rural135Freddie G. Rivera09057604723San Antonio
Cabeseria 25 (Santa Lucia)1,121Rural112Manuel P. Sarmiento09556533172San Antonio
Cabeseria 27 (Abuan)1,011Rural165Aurea Dumaua09555221484San Antonio
Cadu662Rural112Imelda G. Ancheta09357680354Eastern
Calamagui 1st3,918Urban290Joel B. Ariola09272471718Metro Poblacion
Calamagui 2nd2,671Urban5,315Howard D. Pagallilauan09285155062Metro Poblacion
Camunatan941Rural9,415Marilyn M. Canceran09976920615Metro Poblacion
Capellan3,098Rural210Roderick R. Garcia09366000305Eastern
Capo1,106Rural235Jose S. Pagunuran09651551725Eastern
Carikkikan Norte544Rural235Erlindo M. Guillermo09555070974Western
Carikkikan Sur208Rural235Johnmar M. Apalla09532915306Western
Centro Poblacion568Urban8,315Christopher Cariño09979112826Metro Poblacion
Centro-San Antonio4,631Rural290Epifania T. Molia09171540752San Antonio
Fugu1,848Rural245Angelo James G. Apolonio09955212513Metro Poblacion
Fuyo977Rural825Isabelo M. Cariaga09554129933Eastern
Gayong-gayong Norte815Rural245Milagros L. Cristobal09558318721San Antonio
Gayong-gayong Sur1,256Rural245Danilo G. Macugay, Sr.09357676008San Antonio
Guinatan1,703Urban9,015Franzrel Dhon C. Robles09165861219Metro Poblacion
Imelda Bliss Village7,951Urban815Evelyn L. Llamelo09554781903Metro Poblacion
Lullutan2,197Rural715Rogelma Z. Talattu09353544815Western
Malalam1,743Rural11,015Marlon O. Ariola09277940090Metro Poblacion
Malasin (Angeles)1,307Rural112Francisco R. Justo09361736553Western
Manaring2,634Rural5,815Roberto A. Saccuan09168639748Eastern
Mangcuram1,011Rural1,215Edwin R. Lodivico09552037223Western
Marana 1st1,746Rural9,515Moises C. Pauig09172470620Eastern
Marana 2nd594Rural2,230Edgardo P. Navarro09658070117Eastern
Marana 3rd693Rural10,215Jesusa Gangan09053160547Eastern
Minabang1,678Rural215Jaime T. Santos09752344053Eastern
Morado1,073Rural225Teresa A. Gangan09972354147Eastern
Naguilian Norte3,233Rural765Mary Ann R. Cabangan09156979927Western
Naguilian Sur1,304Rural765Ferdinand C. Salvador09159601439Western
Namnama1,209Rural235Roldan P. Simon09358986852San Antonio
Nanaguan615Rural235Mario B. Mora09356618725Eastern
Osmeña (Sinippil)3,225Urban7,815June T. Yadao09175987958Metro Poblacion
Paliueg1,545Rural135Nelson B. Layugan09262096423San Antonio
Pasa1,113Rural125Robert C. Turqueza09156031941Eastern
Pilar939Rural125Rebeca L. Castillo09550832066Western
Quimalabasa349Rural215Felimino Q. Domingo, Sr.09555815481Eastern
Rang-ayan (Bintacan)1,658Rural235Aldrich T. Tindungan09533147262Eastern
Rugao1,245Rural11,315Diosdado M. Bermudez09059115059Eastern
Salindingan1,368Rural175Trinitario D. Simon09534150975San Antonio
San Andres (Angarilla)1,083Rural1,862Richard A. Delfun09552052479Eastern
San Felipe1,490Rural8,815Felimon Edwin J. Bayubay09532999196Metro Poblacion
San Ignacio (Canapi)3,248Rural192Silvino M. Sanchez09950341582Western
San Isidro1,547Rural9,815Marlon M. Sapongay09974422038Eastern
San Juan2,041Rural5,515Rachelle D. Corpuz09667036979Eastern
San Lorenzo1,279Rural235Edmundo A. Dela Cruz09558213872Eastern
San Pablo362Rural235Marina E. Resureccion09532999032Eastern
San Rodrigo1,354Rural235Jovita S. Bernardez09050849380Eastern
San Vicente2,214Urban8,515Corazon T. Ilagan09358466700Metro Poblacion
Santa Barbara1,107Urban4,615Jomar T. Cagayan09758168478Metro Poblacion
Santa Catalina991Rural390Freddie T. Peralta09366000301Eastern
Santa Isabel Norte2,428Rural190Norberto T. Valdez09050311844Western
Santa Isabel Sur5,002Rural190Leonora L. Uy09055752104Western
Santa Victoria1,609Rural135Lodivico L. Balbin09275674517Eastern
Santo Tomas1,021Rural190Sahlee M. Claro09059389698Metro Poblacion
Siffu1,533Rural135Jenelyn G. Ramos09359750815Western
Sindon Bayabo2,455Rural135Levy Z. Mateo09655479611San Antonio
Sindon Maride732Rural135Reymund G. Uy09265188040San Antonio
Sipay544Rural112Donato B. Pascua09151318456Eastern
Tangcul1,297Rural290Ferdinand S. Cabangan09364216921Eastern
Villa Imelda (Maplas)1,357Rural135Maxvel B. Benzal09975490466San Antonio

CLUSTER PRESIDENT : Howard D. Pagalilauan










CLUSTER PRESIDENT : Diosdado M. Bermudez




























CLUSTER PRESIDENT : Danilo M. Macugay, Sr.

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