Ilagan As A Premier Capital Metropolis, Nationally and Globally Competitive, A Home That Abounds With Opportunities For Growth To Empowered IlagueƱos


To Operate and Sustain an Autonomous Local Government with Responsive and Accountable Public Servants, Self- Reliant, Capable of Planning and Execution of Fiscal and Administrative Development, at the Forefront in the Realization of the Vision of Development-thus Contribute to the Attainment of National Goals.

Major Development Goals and Objectives

Environment Sector: To achieve sustainable development with the equitable use of land resources and protection of critical environmental values.

Social Sector: Equitable access to community services and facilities and promotion of community participation in social development.

Economic Sector: Equitable access to economic opportunities and promotion of community participation in economic development.

Infrastructure and Utilities Sector: Provision of efficient and adequate infrastructure for access to socio-economic opportunities, services and facilities.

Local Administration: Good governance through the improvement of public-private relationships and capabilities.