This scheme reinforces six (6) previously identified generalized strengths of each urban growth cluster, as well as prioritizes an outward direction of growth from the identified proposed central circumferential route. Additionally, a combination of new town developments in the northeast and improvements of existing growth areas in the west are prioritized for enhancement and development.

Similar to the previous scheme, a circumferential road is proposed and located in the city center.  Such ring road is programmed to provide greater accessibility to and from the western, eastern, and southern banks of the city’s waterways. The multiple hazards located in the cluster of barangays and areas within the circumferential road puts in place a strategy of restricted development as well as encouraging developments outside of such hazard-prone cluster.  

West of the Cagayan River focuses on the thrusts of agriculture, residential and institutional development with special attention to their disaster resiliency. Existing barangay settlements in the cluster will prioritize urban design and accessibility improvements such as sidewalk beautification, addition of landscaping ornamentations and trees, provision of bike lanes, benches, and rest areas; developments will prioritize enhancement of developments as opposed to developing new urban centers. 

East of the Cagayan and north of the Ilagan Rivers emphasizes mountainside agriculture, tourism, and residential developments. Several new town developments are also identified along the junctions of existing and proposed roads. 

The southern cluster proposes the new location of productive agro-industrial areas as well as the dispersal of the urban barangays of Alibagu, Baligatan, and Bliss Village. Such location becomes ideal as it borders the areas of Naguilian and Benito Soliven for immediate access and ease of trade.  

In the east-central cluster, restricted urban and residential developments are imposed, in consideration to the river bends and river tributary junctions that have moderate to high environmental hazards.  Agriculture and agri-tourism are also prioritized. 

The southeastern-most cluster will be dedicated to high-value agriculture and institutional developments. This will complement the immediate cluster north of it as well. 

Accessibility and proposed circulation networks for this scheme is specific to each cluster. The western cluster has a north-south orientation of road developments, while proposed new road linkages are proposed in the northeastern cluster to link existing radial roads emanating from the circumferential road.  Existing roads will be enhanced in other clusters.