Immediately identifiable in this scheme is the establishment of two circumferential routes with unique development controls in each center, while surrounded by area districts with unique development thrusts in them. Emphasized in this scheme is the organization of development themes in districts combined with radial roads emanating from each circumferential center to provide access. Another outer ring road is designed to provide even greater accessibility in fringing barangays.
Urban development is propelled outward from the centers as they have been identified to be prone to multiple environmental and geo-physical hazards that may limit development potentials; this scheme places a strong emphasis on decreasing the current and future urban density of such centers. Policies to contain and disperse development also apply in these areas. The national highway consists of half the circumferential road and has existing commercial and residential uses along its transverse and interconnections. The circumferential road will serve as an urban growth corridor.

Compact and mixed-use developments however, aside from their unique development themes based on their strengths and land use potentials, are identified in each area district surrounding the circumferential roads. Each area district presents opportunities for new town developments as well. Each area district will require the ability to complement their surrounding area districts as well, creating a “development supply chain” to stimulate trade and commerce among each other.
Hence, enhanced communication networks and transportation among each area district become essential to maximize their ability to move goods and services efficiently. Moreover, radial roads provide much needed perpendicular access to such areas to spread development and economic advantages. Furthermore, and beyond the outer ring road, alternating agricultural areas and agro industrial areas are programmed.