In the 2011-2016 Regional Development Plan for Cagayan Valley, Ilagan is identified as an Eco-Tourism, Adventure and Sight-Seeing destination of Region 2. True to its role in the tourism industry, Ilagan’s rich ecology offers a wide array of adventure to nature lovers. Our existing tourism site, the Ilagan Sanctuary offers an exciting experience such as the Zip Line, Cable Car, ATV Adventure and Wall Climbing. Also in the sanctuary are amenities like mini-zoo, swimming pools and picnic grounds/gazebos, a perfect getaway for family and groups. What is more marvelous in the Sanctuary that wows local and foreign visitors are natural caves and the pinzal waterfall.

Other potential tourist destination in Ilagan is the Abuan River located at the foot of the Sierra Madre Mountains. Prospective activities in this area are sight-seeing in the Natural Park and white water rafting adventure starting from the upstream of the river. Other landmarks of the city are the Boundary Landmark in Alibagu, Rizal Park in the Poblacion. The largest Butaka in the Bonifacio Park and, the Mammangi Park.