To provide a more integrated approach to development, this scheme puts focus on the clustering of barangays to merge their unique strengths, character, and advantages, and to form “specialty centers”. To add, the objective is to converge barangays with populations less than 2,000 residents since many of them have population counts less than that. 

Moreover, this framework preserves and promotes the known development character of these individual areas. The main aspect of this framework is complete decentralization, dispersal, and diversification of development spread across multiple locations in the city. 

As a result, locational opportunities are balanced evenly as opposed to concentrating them in a sole core area. Development opportunities and potentials of other relatively undefined growth areas are also tapped, promoted, and maximized to provide its identity and unique character. On the other hand, those development centers that already have prevailing characteristics are enhanced and strengthened. 

It becomes crucial to support the integrity and stimulate the development of circulation networks such as major roads and highways in decentralised individual development centers. These essential components will become the backbone of interaction and communication from each growth center, as well as the flow of goods and services that support each specialized area.

Each center has its specialized function, and therefore will need to be able to subsist independently.  Optimally, each center will need to have its support land uses such as agricultural land uses for food self-sufficiency, commercial land uses for amenity and job provision, residential land uses for dwelling, institutional land uses for proximate delivery of government services, and open spaces for leisure and recreation.