Inauguration of Lullutan Park

Another landmark was inaugurated by the City Officials of the City of Ilagan led by City Mayor Jay L. Diaz as they opened the park for the public at barangay Lullutan, near the soon to be opened City Hospital October 11, 2019, #JLDTheWorkingMayor #SulongPaRin #CityofIlagan towards a #LiveableCity2030

Inauguration of Multi Purpose Hall in Bagong Silang

Just after the Inauguration of City Housing Project, City Mayor Jay L. Diaz along with the City Officials proceeded in Barangay Bagong Silang for the Inauguration of Multi-Purpose Barangay Hall. October 11, 2019, Barangay Bagong Silang, City of Ilagan.

Inauguration of Lullutan Barangay Multi-Purpose Hall

City Mayor Jay L. Diaz, Vice Mayor Kit Bello and City Officials inaugurated the Multi-Purpose Barangay Hall of Barangay Lullutan, City of Ilagan and is now ready to serve the public. October 11, 2019, Barangay Lullutan #CityofIlagan #JLDTheWorkingMayor #SulongPaRin towards a #LiveableCity2030