Executive Order No. 031

Executive Order No. 031: An Order Banning the Entry of Swine/Hogs/Pigs and Its By Products (Frozen and Uncook) in the City of Ilagan and Craetingk Force ASF (African Swine Fever) in the City of Ilagan, Prescribing its Duties and Functions, and for Other Purposes

Executive Order No. 011

Executive Order No. 011: An Order Mandating All Barangay Officials, Individuals and Institutions of Both Government and Private Sectors to Conduct Intensified Clean-up Operations in their Respective Jurisdiction/Offices/Homes and Observe All-out Measures for the Conduct of “Todas Dengue, Todo Na ‘To (Ika-anim Na Kagat)” To Stop The Spread of Dengue Fever and Other Mosquito-Borne Diseases continue reading : Executive Order No. 011

Executive Order No. 010

Executive Order No. 010: An Order Declaring the Suspension of Classes in Pre-school, Elementary and High School Levels, Both Private and Public, within the Territorial Jurisdiction of the City of Ilagan on July 17, 2019 Due to Tropical Storm Falcon (International Name: Danas)